Bhagvad Gita study :

Nature of course : Individual.

Duration : 5 days a week, One hour each day.

For nearly two years.

To complete all 18 Chapters.

However this needs to be discussed and decided.

Location : Course conducted at Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India.

Course Fee : No fees charged for the course.

Eligibity : Above 18 years, deep interest in the ‘Gita’.

Course Based on : Notes written by my Guru.

All details can be discussed over email and mobile.

Language : English, Hindi, Marathi.

About Us

The author has been working in a manufacturing unit and studying the Gita, for nearly 15 years.

Later he took early retirement to pursue the study of the Gita. The course began when friends started insisting they join the study some two years ago, in 2015.

The study is individual as it benefits the most .

All further details can be discussed on email and on phone.


The author has come up with a few oil paintings based on concepts and illustrations given in the Gita and the Veda’s . The titles suggest the subject of the paintings and help in visualising the course contents.